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Passionate about your creative business but not enough Likes?

We can help! Book a 1:1 Online Marketing Surgery

Do you run a small creative business or are you thinking of starting one up? Love being your own boss  but not sure how to build your reputation? You can now book 1:1 Online marketing surgeries (90 minutes) with Nina Eggens of Nina’s Apartment.

Gain more confidence promoting your business online and brush up on your (online) marketing skills, including the use of different social media, building a website, blogging, e commerce, email marketing and growing and retaining your customer base.

IMG_3494Why book with us?

In addition to knowing what it is like to start a small business from scratch – on your own  and on a shoestring budget –  Nina has over 15 years experience of working in PR, arts marketing and social media in the creative sector, having worked for arts organisations in both The Netherlands and Scotland. Thinking outside the box and coming up with fresh ideas, she can get you right up to speed with your own project, leaving you with plenty of inspiration to take your business forward.

For who?

The surgeries are for anyone who is about to start their creative business or has done it for a while but is feeling a bit ‘stuck’ when it comes to promoting themselves. And with creative we don’t just mean artistic, it can be anything from a catering company to a florist and a candle maker to artisan coffee shop. We are all using the same online marketing tools and techniques after all, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you think we can help.

What to expect

The surgeries are informal, on a one to one basis, and take place in Aberdeen city or shire. One session costs £45 and lasts about 90 minutes, but of course you can book more time if you need to – including our practical help to set up accounts, write a marketing plan or build a website. A session typically includes a marketing ‘health check’, hands-on advice and/or the opportunity to discuss your individual marketing queries.

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